The Livingschool Needs Your Support

Our school is run on a shoestring budget and a lot of sweat equity.  It's an experiment that is working, thanks to the generosity of our community and the support that it has shown us. Please help us make Livingschool a continuing success. We believe strongly in the positive ripple effect of even a small number of children being taught with progressive, harmonious principles. Our dream is to see the next batch of children coming up in this area having the benefit of the foundation we are building today. You can help us achieve this in the following ways:


Dear Supporters,

LivingSchool  is currently conducting a Snail’s Pace fundraiser. Please help make it a success!

Snail’s Pace products include cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, journals and more—all made in the USA of environmentally-responsible materials. So, you can feel good about supporting our organization and about buying products that are friendly to the planet.

It’s easy to order, too:
1. Visit, and click on “I’m a Supporter”, or simply start shopping.
2. For those ordering on line, at the beginning of the check out process, select the State of CA and The Living School to receive credit for your purchase. If you wish for a seller to get credit for your purchase, there is also a place to credit the seller. Just put their name in if you do not know the seller number!
3. Place your order from the selection of over 100 earth-friendly paper goods—it will be delivered right to your door in approximately 5 to 7 business days.

Our two-week “bonus-selling” period begins March 5th and ends March 19th. During this time, we earn 50% of the profits from every purchase.

That’s not all! After our “bonus” period, you can place orders online all year long, and we’ll receive 20% of the profits from those purchases, too.

Thank you for helping to support our Living School!

Laurie Steichen


Attend our sister benefit events on October 22nd and October 29th. Trust Everyone Under Thirty, a kid friendly concert and art exhibition is happening in our very own garden area on Saturday the 22nd, from 12pm to 4pm; a follow up cocktail party will take place at AZ West on the evening of the 29th. Visit our News page for more info on both events.
Sign-up for eScrip.  This service donates a percentage of all of your purchases made with registered credit cards or at partnership stores such as Von's (local here in Yucca Valley) to our school.  It takes just a few minutes to register, is incredibly simple, and will make a huge difference to our school.   To sign up with eScrip click here and it will take you to the site.  Our Group registered name is Livingschool Learning Cooperative and our group number is 500029908.
Donate to the Livingschool using your PayPal account.  Even small donations add up to a big difference.
There is so much that we want to do, and so many amazing people in this community who we want to bring into our program as instructors.  Your efforts and donations will help grow and nurture the Livingschool, which began as a garden and is already bearing the fruit of a new generation of hope and promise.